chambre de charme proche Guingamp et Lannion Domaine des Papeteries
chambre de charme proche Guingamp et Lannion Domaine des Papeteries

Domaine des Papeteries

2 allée des frères vallée, 22810, Belle-Isle-en-Terre, Côtes d’Armor

per night


Domaine des Papeteries, Guest House near Guingamp and Lannion

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A magical site…

On the banks of the River Léguer, one of France’s most beautiful waterways, picture an old paper mill, along with the owners’ house – nearly 500m² – practically in ruins… an incredible amount of restoration work was required to bring this historic building back to life, but the result would be a testament to its heritage and the sense of a real accomplishment. We have always been passionate about art, and invite guests to share this quirky environment. In each room you’ll find down to the smallest details, but also touches of whimsy and creativity. It’s all about feeling at ease.

And in the Guest Rooms, if you like something, you can buy it! Here, almost everything is for sale…

Facilities & Services


Chambre Secrète 2pp max, ground floor

The Chambre Secrète is a doorway to dreams, opening onto the beautiful, the true, the unusual, the welcoming – and a journey of discovery! The eclectic pieces in the room light up to create a harmonious whole…

Chambre Vallée dans l’Ô 2pp max, ground floor

In this room you’re completely immersed in nature! It’s a paradise for fishing fans and many more, with an unbeatable view over the river. The name ‘Vallée dans l’Ô’ is a play on the surname of the original paper mill owners – the Vallée family – and the ‘O’ sounds like ‘eau’, the French for ‘water’.

Suite Lady Mond 2pp max, ground floor

Be captivated by local historical figure Lady Mond, a colourful, generous, extravagant and non-conformist lady!

Her capricious character comes through in this room, where you can enjoy a dreamy interlude…

Suite Alice in Wonderland 2pp max, ground floor

Tumble down a rabbit hole into wonderland, filled with surprising characters and objects that can be astonishing yet familiar.
It will definitely be an experience!

Please find below the rates for our charming Guest Rooms as well as additional services.


Chambre Secrète
68.00€ per night
Chambre Vallée dans l’Ô
88.00€ per night
Suite Lady Mond
118.00€ per night
Suite Alice in Wonderland
148.00€ per night





  • Would you like to really spoil yourself? Don’t fancy venturing out? No problem, book ahead and we can prepare a plate of goodies for you, using local produce! Price: 16 euros
  • Planning a walk? We can offer delicious picnic lunches so you can make the most of your day without fretting over where to have lunch. Price 12 euros
  • Planning a get-together for family or friends? We can take care of everything from A to Z, just at you’d like it. You, in the meantime, can simply enjoy the fun part of the preparations. And if you have a question, we’ll find a solution…

* Breakfast, which is included in the price, included squeezed orange juice, home-made and local goodies, savoury and sweet dishes…

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