extérieur chambre d'hote Plume au Vent
extérieur chambre d'hote Plume au Vent

Plume au Vent

4 venelle Notre Dame, 56340, Carnac, Morbihan

per night


Plume au Vent, a guest house at the edge of Quiberon Bay

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Charming guest house in south Brittany

Located on the edge of Quiberon Bay, Plume au Vent offers all the charm and authenticity of a Breton guest house ideally located in the heart of the picturesque town of Carnac Bourg.

A few steps from the beach, Carnac Bourg has something happening throughout the year, and is one of the most appealing destinations in Morbihan and indeed in Brittany.

Plume au Vent is a captivating, modest guest house in pale grey with white shutters, tucked away and reached by a peaceful little street where you can escape for a weekend or longer break.

You can choose from two generous guest rooms: Marée Haute and Marée Basse, both decorated with a subtle seaside feel and eclectic furnishings, or you can opt for both rooms, creating a family suite that can sleep 4 people.

Everything is in harmony: natural materials such as wood, linen and polished cement, and a palette of natural colours.

The furniture and maritime objects have been collected through antique stores and summer brocantes, as well as local furniture boutiques in Carnac and nearby.

There are also works from local artists, paintings on wood, marine charts, lights and wooden birds and fish, all uniting to create an original ambiance.

We don’t offer evening meals at the guest house but there are several very crêperies and restaurants including fine dining all in easy reach of your accommodation.

Facilities & Services


MAREE HAUTE ET MAREE BASSE 4pp max, 1st floor

A break in a Family Suite in Carnac

When taken together, Marée Haute (with its double bed) and Marée Basse (with two single beds) form a charming suite that can accommodate 4 guests. The two bedrooms both open onto the same landing where there is a bathroom and toilet.

MAREE HAUTE 2pp max, 1st floor

Marée Haute – light, warm and elegant

White, wooden-clad walls, library shelves, a large boat waiting to take to the water and birds apparently mid-flight… this room also offers two club chairs, an ideal spot for sipping tea or browsing books. This room has all the atmosphere and gentle charm you’d hope for from a holiday home.

MAREE BASSE 2pp max, 1st floor

Marée Basse – inspired by the sea

A marine trader’s desk, a painting from a Spanish boat, a travel trunk, oars, seabirds, sailor’s beret… the décor in Marée Basse appeals to the travelling soul. When you return from a dip in the sea, from the coastal paths or from walking around the great standing stones, a large selection of books awaits. Marée Basse has twin single beds, and can also be taken along with Marée Haute to create a suite.

Please find below the prices for our charming holiday guest rooms.


A break for 4 guests: 145.00€ per night off-season

A break for 4 guests: 160.00€ per night in July & August

Marée Basse or Marée HauteFor 1pp or 2pp85.00€ per night
For 1pp or 2pp100.00€ per night in July & August
Marée Basse & Marée HauteFor 2pp or 3pp115.00€ per night
For 2pp or 3pp130.00€ per night in July & August

* Breakfast is included in our prices.

* Local tourist taxes of 0.75 € per person, per night are not included.

* Unfortunately, we cannot accept bank cards.

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