cap sizun

Cap Sizun and Land’s End in Brittany

A coastal point reaching like a sword brandished toward the ocean

The area known as Cap Sizun is a coastal point that extends into the Atlantic, bordered by Douarnenez Bay to the north and by Audierne Bay to the south. At the very end, our equivalent of Land’s End is a narrow sword of granite overlooking the waves: the famous Pointe du Raz (pronounced Pwon-du-Ra), a protected area officially recognised as a ‘Grand Site de France’.

Here in the Cap Sizun, you see why this particular French county is called Finistère: it means the end of the land. You can see promontories and a series of headlands bravely defying the ocean and Brittany’s granite coastline advances like the prow of a ship towards the Iroise Sea. Explore the coast of the Cap Sizun by following the signed footpath along the clifftops, then pause to admire the incredible panoramic views of the sea that you can only get at the Pointe du Raz. Here, mankind keeps a low profile; it’s the birds that rule. Carved out by the sea and the wind, the Pointe du Raz is utterly fascinating, drawing nearly a million visitors each year yet still looks raw and untamed. There’s no shortage of myth and legend, either: far below is a spot where Princess Dahut apparently welcomed and then murdered her lovers, and looking seaward from the Bay of the Departed, you have the treacherous currents of Raz de Sein, the distant Île de Sein, the iconic Ar-Men lighthouse … talk about the stuff of legend!




Plogonnec, Finistère

Le Gîte de Kermal

Bannalec, Finistère

Villa des Dunes Santec

Santec, Finistère

La Maison de la Plage

Combrit Sainte Marine, Finistère

Manoir de Kerlédan

Carhaix Plouguer, Finistère

Les Galets Blancs

Le Conquet, Finistère

La Belle Relax

Moëlan sur Mer, Finistère

Bleu Salé

Plovan, Finistère

Château de Penfrat

Gouesnach, Finistère

Villa Callot

Sibiril, Finistère

Chambres du Cosquer

Saint-Thégonnec, Finistère

Villa Molène

Sibiril, Finistère

Villa Sièck

Sibiril, Finistère

La Ferme de Kerscuntec

Combrit, Finistère

Villa Mélanie

Port de Moguériec, Finistère

Villa des Dunes

Cleder, Finistère

Villa Batz

Sibiril, Finistère

Villa Bréhat

Sibiril, Finistère

Villa Lara

Sibiril, Finistère

Manoir Tregont Mab

Quimper, Finistère

La Matine

Moëlan sur Mer, Finistère

Le Lavoir aux Camélias

Locronan, Finistère


Quimper, Finistère

Domaine de Moulin Mer


Jardin de Belle Vue

QUIMPERLE, Finistère

La Villa de la Plage

Sibiril, Finistère

Le Sémaphore de Lervily

Audierne, Finistère