Crozon Peninsula

Breath-taking views across the bays and nearby islands

An integral part of the Armorique Regional Natural Park as well as the Iroise Sea Marine Park, Crozon Peninsula is a nature-lover’s paradise. This geological gem is stuffed full of remarkable sites and sights, with a wealth of architectural heritage that can all be enjoyed on foot.

Set firmly with the ocean on either side, between the waters of Brest and the Bay of Douarnenez, this European extremity is shaped like a cross and is conncted to the mainland by the (rather small) mountain, Ménez-Hom. If you’re holidaying in Brest or Crozon, you’re almost honour-bound to take a trip to the Pointe de Pen-Hir or indeed to Camaret-sur-Mer to see the famous Vauban Tower, designed by French military architect Vauban and classed by UNESCO as a world heritage monument. The sheer, vertigo-inducing drops of the cliffs here and the various fortifications are constant reminders of how this coast’s strategic importance in days gone by. Now, families come for the wonderful beaches, like those in Morgat and Portzic, or the secret charm of creeks on Île Vierge, La Palue or legendary Lostmarc’h. At the very start of August each year, Crozon Peninsula dances to the rhythms of the aptly-named End-of-the-Earth Festival (Festival du Bout du Monde), whose reputation has reached far beyond the frontier of the Ménez-Hom!


  • Cap de la Chèvre
  • The coastal point of Saint-Hernot (Ile Vierge)
  • The sea-caves of Morgat


Manoir de Kerlédan

Carhaix Plouguer, Finistère

Villa Bréhat

Sibiril, Finistère

La Villa de la Plage

Sibiril, Finistère

Le Gîte de Kermal

Bannalec, Finistère

Villa des Dunes Santec

Santec, Finistère

Domaine de Moulin Mer


Bleu Salé

Plovan, Finistère

Villa Molène

Sibiril, Finistère

Le Lavoir aux Camélias

Locronan, Finistère


Plogonnec, Finistère

Le Sémaphore de Lervily

Audierne, Finistère

Manoir Tregont Mab

Quimper, Finistère

La Maison de la Plage

Combrit Sainte Marine, Finistère

Villa Sièck

Sibiril, Finistère

La Ferme de Kerscuntec

Combrit, Finistère

Villa Mélanie

Port de Moguériec, Finistère

Jardin de Belle Vue

QUIMPERLE, Finistère


Quimper, Finistère

Villa Batz

Sibiril, Finistère

Villa Callot

Sibiril, Finistère

Les Galets Blancs

Le Conquet, Finistère

Villa des Dunes

Cleder, Finistère

La Matine

Moëlan sur Mer, Finistère

Chambres du Cosquer

Saint-Thégonnec, Finistère

Château de Penfrat

Gouesnach, Finistère

Villa Lara

Sibiril, Finistère

La Belle Relax

Moëlan sur Mer, Finistère