erquy cap frehel falaise

Erquy and Cap Fréhel

A coastal point of pink sandstone on the English Channel.

It is said that Cap Fréhel was born when Gargantua became angry and threw a handful of rocks into the ocean, closing off Saint-Brieuc bay.  Rising some 70 metres above an emerald sea, the coastal path leads to wild moorland right up to Fort la Latte. There’s no shortage of breath-taking panoramas here, as you might imagine.

Erquy is a little coastal village famous for its scallops and clams, and is believed to have inspired Uderzo, illustrator for the Astérix cartoons. Along with 15 other towns and villages, it is part of Cap d’Erquy-Cap Fréhel, officially recognised as a ‘Grand Site de France’. Its landscape is guaranteed to delight nature-lovers, with colours that change with the season, golden with gorse flowers and violet from the heathers. Whether you prefer to stay near the water in the creeks and sandy beaches or opt for exploring on foot, this exceptional site offers a unique vista of Brittany every time you turn a corner. The pink sandstone coast, the sheer granite cliffs studded with caves and fissures, are home to hundreds of nesting birds. As you walk to Fort la Latte, you might even sport a rare razorbill making himself at home.


  • the old lighthouse (designed by renowned military architect Vauban)
  • the Petite and Grande Fauconnière (ornithological reserves)
  • Celtic Wednesdays in Erquy


L’Abri de la Noé

Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, Côtes d'armor

Les Maisons de Victoire

Binic, Côtes d'Armor

Manoir de l’Isle

Ploumilliau, Côtes d'armor

Manoir de la Villeneuve

Lamballe, Côtes d'armor

La Maison d’Amandine

Plouha, Côtes d'armor

Villa Marguerite

Pléneuf-Val-André, Côtes d'armor

Traou Ar Vilin

Pleumeur-Bodou, Côte d'Armor


Pléneuf-Val-André, Côtes d'armor

Les gîtes de Kérégal

Plouha, Côtes d'Armor

Manoir des Petites Bretonnes

St Quay-Perros, Côtes d'armor

Il était une fois à l’Ouest

Plestan, Côtes d'Armor

Le Poisson et la Rose

Plourivo Lancerf, Côtes d'armor

Moulin de Beltaine

Mantallot, Côtes d'armor