monts d'arrée

The Arrée Mountains and the Armorique Regional Natural Park

Mountains, moors and myths

From its peak of 385 metres, Roc’h Ruz is Brittany’s highest mountain, surveying a wild and unspoilt landscape. As their Celtic name suggests, the Arrée Mountains are a natural frontier… natural and at times supernatural. This is a surprising and mesmerising landscape of moorland, woodland and rocky peaks.

Created in 1969, the Armorique Regional Natural Park reaches from Brest to Carhaix and from Le Faou to Landivisiau, sheltering a whole host of natural and cultural heritage. This landscape is typical of what the Bretons called ‘Argoat’: with few trees, you have a 360° view across mysterious moorlands, dotted with rocks. Many rivers can be traced back to their sources here – it’s rather like Finistère’s natural water tower! Ancient chapels and flamboyant parish churches provide a contrast to the heathers and gorse bushes, and from the top of Roc’h Trevezel, the views across the area known as ‘Léon’ are captivating. Enchanting in a different way is the nature reserve for beavers at Brennilis Lake and nearby there are marshes and peat bogs, the swamp-like Yeun Elez, and the unbelievable Huelgoat Forest with its giant-sized boulders and hidden, fairy-tale spots with names like the Devil’s Grotto and the Silver River.


  • Trois Evêques fountain
  • The hilltop chapel of Saint-Michel-de-Brasparts
  • The peat-bogs of Mougau – Commana


La Matine

Moëlan sur Mer, Finistère

Jardin de Belle Vue

QUIMPERLE, Finistère

Villa Mélanie

Port de Moguériec, Finistère

Chambres du Cosquer

Saint-Thégonnec, Finistère

Villa Bréhat

Sibiril, Finistère

Le Gîte de Kermal

Bannalec, Finistère

Manoir de Kerlédan

Carhaix Plouguer, Finistère

Villa Sièck

Sibiril, Finistère

La Ferme de Kerscuntec

Combrit, Finistère

Les Galets Blancs

Le Conquet, Finistère

Le Lavoir aux Camélias

Locronan, Finistère

Villa des Dunes Santec

Santec, Finistère

La Maison de la Plage

Combrit Sainte Marine, Finistère

Villa Molène

Sibiril, Finistère


Quimper, Finistère

Bleu Salé

Plovan, Finistère

La Belle Relax

Moëlan sur Mer, Finistère

Le Sémaphore de Lervily

Audierne, Finistère

Villa des Dunes

Cleder, Finistère

Villa Callot

Sibiril, Finistère


Plogonnec, Finistère

Villa Lara

Sibiril, Finistère

Villa Batz

Sibiril, Finistère

La Villa de la Plage

Sibiril, Finistère

Château de Penfrat

Gouesnach, Finistère

Domaine de Moulin Mer


Manoir Tregont Mab

Quimper, Finistère