Charme Bretagne, ambassadors of charm in Brittany.

The mark of Brittany’s most beautiful guest houses and holiday homes.

Our goal is to promote charming and authentic accommodation in Brittany, and our members are united by common values of hospitality, sharing, openness, respect and comfort, as well as décor, availability and a true understanding of the art of welcoming guests. The B&Bs, guest houses, manors, châteaux and holiday properties within the Charme Bretagne label have a unique approach focussed absolutely on the well-being of our guests.

This label has been created by property owners and is managed by property owners, so we pay close attention to our charter. We are not driven by concerns about size or by commercial ambitions. Charme Bretagne places great importance on the selection of its accommodation members. Before acceptance, each property is carefully considered, including at least one visit from one or more of our current members. Only those houses with real soul and a particular atmosphere are selected. Guests must be offered both comfort and quality, plus a generous welcome so they feel they have experienced the character of this wonderful country and are ready to explore further.

We feel that our properties are ambassadors of Brittany’s authentic character: their charm is infused in the old stones, the fine materials, the history, the harmony, the way of life, in those aspects that make our region so special – and of course in the personalities you’ll find here.
These characteristics are part of the overall flavour for visitors who then head back home and fondly remember the impressive Brittany landscapes, but also the uniquely charming place they found to stay, the captivating hosts, and Charme Bretagne that helped them to discover all this.

We are also available to speak to corporations, media contacts and tourism professionals, as a group of willing owners who are connoisseurs of our environment, our history and our visitors. We are committed to promoting an image of quality and charm for Brittany, as well as showcasing our heritage and an appealing way of life.

erquy cap frehel

Selection criteria: hospitality, sharing, quality, comfort, authenticity, plus a true understanding of décor and the art of welcoming guests.

The members of our label are chosen after the majority of our board gives an agreement in principle, followed by an onsite visit. Membership is in no way definitive or permanent, and members are regularly re-evaluated and can at any time be excluded or decide to leave.
Selection is not based on quantitative elements, as the process goes beyond this, considering quality and intangible aspects such as hospitality, comfort, décor, good taste, openness and a harmonious atmosphere. Particular attention is paid to the availability of the owner, who should not be intrusive but should certainly be to hand and readily available.

We consider that a high-quality welcome goes beyond the trip itself and encompasses telephone contact, written and online exchanges, all of which should live up to our best traditions of hospitality. Sleep and rest are deemed particularly important, so the environment should be pleasant and conducive to relaxation.

Breakfast and any other meals provided should be prepared with genuine attention to quality and tradition, promoting local produce and offering plentiful, top-quality provisions. Meal-times present a chance for guests to interact with hosts if they wish, so the atmosphere should be harmonious, relaxed, warm and inviting.

A defined geographical area

Our label covers all of the area historically known as Brittany, meaning the French ‘départements’ of Côtes d’Armor, Finistère, Ille et Vilaine, Morbihan and Loire Atlantique.

It therefore includes some of the best-known sites: Fougères, Vitré, Rennes, Saint-Malo, Mont-Saint-Michel, Dinan, Dinard, Val de Rance, Brocéliande, Cap Fréhel, Erquy, Saint Brieuc Bay, the coast of Goelo, the Trieux river, Paimpol, Les Septs Îles, Perros Guirrec, the Pink Granite Coast, Bréhat Archipelago, Roscoff, Morlaix Bay, the mysterious abers, Molène, Ouessant, Brest and its surrounding waters, Crozon Peninsula, Le Faou, Audierne Bay, Pointe du Raz, Douarnenez, Locronan, Quimper, Bénodet, Fouesnant, Concarneau, Pont-Aven, Carhaix, Lorient, Groix, Larmor Plage, Vannes, Belle Île, Quiberon, Carnac, Auray, Pontivy, Guérande, la Turballe, la Baule, le Croizic, Pornichet, Saint-Nazaire, Nantes, Ancenis, Chateaubriant and so many more.

Authentic heritage and a protected environment

Our diverse range of properties provides fabulous examples of Breton heritage and architecture, notably our character properties such as farmhouses, long-houses, nobleman’s houses, manors, châteaux and lighthouses right through to gipsy-style caravans and contemporary homes. Each is different, each is well-maintained and they are all in protected environments. The buildings, bedrooms, reception rooms and exteriors must be impeccably clean and well-maintained. Any linen, accessories, products and equipment must also be kept in tip-top condition when it comes to hygiene and functionality. Calm is a given, and bedding is always of superior quality.

Many of our hosts also offer evening meals through a ‘tables d’hôtes’ service, offering guests the chance to sample local produce through various traditional or updated dishes, from galettes and crêpes to seafood platters, kig ha farz casserole, cotriade fish stew, Breton far cake, the delicious butter pastry of kouign amann and Breton butter biscuits. Always tempting and generously provisioned, these evening meals are ideal opportunities for visitors to share their experiences of travelling through Brittany.

Special connections

The Charme Bretagne label groups like-minded professionals who welcome all nationalities and hope to establish a particular connection, something far beyond any anonymous rental process. Our members speak fondly and from their heart about their property, environment and region, which also gives visitors a unique opportunity to discover those hidden local treasures, lesser-known spots or craftspeople that won’t necessarily appear in a guidebook or online.

The members of the Charme Bretagne label are the very fabric of the network, which means there’s a real sense of fellowship. This supportive relationship between fellow members can only be a positive for visitors and guests.

The accommodation

Each property selected by our label conforms to current regulations concerning capacity, insurance and safety, as well as finance, administration and legal obligations.

iles bretonnes

Respect for the environment

The environment is particularly important to us, and we support all environmentally-friendly practices within member properties that can reduce the impact on our magnificent Breton countryside. We also encourage our visitors to do the same.

The art of welcoming guests

Within our group, each member, each property and each place visited is different and unique. What unites us is our hospitality and our understanding of how to welcome visitors. Guests are brought into the heart of our properties and we’re delighted to share our own sense of the warmest possible welcome. We are all affectionately proud of Brittany and will happily talk with guests about it over the course of an evening – or indeed several weeks! Through our way of life and our way of welcoming visitors, we are collective ambassadors for this eternal region of Brittany.

Handling negative feedback

We are extremely vigilant when it comes to any negative feedback from our guests. We encourage visitors to contact us and share their experience of holidaying with our network, including any negative comments. Any complaints will be dealt with swiftly and systematically followed up with practical actions that can, if required, lead to the definitive exclusion of a member. We also pay close attention to online comments made via social networks and travel websites.

We love this network and, naturally, we want all our guests to feel the same.